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Reviews for "Secend"

The rules are simple. The graphics are minimalistic. The music is catchy. The game is addicting.

When i start game i think why character move so fast. now i know it too slow!
nice idea keep it up!

I have to admit that I am pleasantly surprised. I did not expect to enjoy this game at all, as I felt that the one second constraint would be overly annoying, but I am glad that I was proven wrong. This is a charming little fan game, and it goes to show how much can be done in a single second. You do a lot with the concept itself. Even beyond that, the game does not go into the territory of being annoying because every single checkpoint feels like an accomplishment. This truly is a game where you feel like you're getting somewhere, and that feeling exists because you are, indeed, getting somewhere. My gripe with the game though is the short length, as I wanted there to be more to this, but for what's here, it's a fun little romp.

You did make this into a game and a very clever one at that, well done!!


Played it, liked it.
Its working nice and smooth, its the right amount of speed to play it so one can enjoy it (at least i did enjoy it)
what im asking myself is: the wide field, after i got the achivment to switch the leaver which appears is somehow nice but also irretating. This part is already hard because of the later coming spikes, but if one has already a hard time this field will make it even more confusing. I as a very determined player did not have that problem but it put me at first glance a little back.

flower out