Reviews for "Lost Temple"

What a great game! I adore the retro graphics, the running & jumping feel spot on, and the story was interesting enough to keep me going. I really enjoyed the parts where you had to plan ahead to get a running start from 3-4 platforms away in order to grab a crystal.

I was able to figure out what to do without needing to read the comments, but it was mostly by the dumb luck of quickly finding a crystal and jumping to the right spot where the pillars were. If that hadn't happened, I would have most likely gotten frustrated, since there's no in-game explanation of what needs to be done. One way to overcome that might be to give players a free map one time, right at the entrance to the first level, that marks not only the collectibles (as it already does) but also the location of the first set of pillars.

Either way, this is still an excellent game; nice work!

JeffreyDriver responds:

Thanks for playing. I'm glad that you enjoyed it. You've made some good suggestion, I'll look at implementing them.

The game feels unique, despite not being original, and very retro, and while it has some ragequit moments, the challenges are good. It might feel confusing a little at first, but the gameplay feels intuitive. The game is short in a good way, because it doesn't get boring, albeit it does feel more like a teaser for something bigger. I think that this game will be frontpaged soon, and I do wonder if you get some daily prize.

There are some slight bugs, as when sometimes the hit-areas are a tad bit sensitive, and sometimes the player slips from a block to a lava if he doesn't stand "properly" on it, but it's all minor, not even worth deducting any points. So, as to what was bad? Hm.... hard to tell, because the game despite its simplicity feels polished. Maybe other users will be more helpful.

The final boss felt a little weird, as all I had to do was to drop one rock on him, and then I got transported to the next, final level. At first I thought that I died and got transported to previous level.

Hint for players: to get to some of the higher platforms you need to run, which is especially important in the first level, where there is this spot that you need to get to get the last crystal and finish the level. Experiment with running and jumping.

Also, if you press continue before starting the game, you'll go to a bonus room, albeit there isn't much to do there.

JeffreyDriver responds:

Thanks for your feedback, its been helpful. I'll tweak the collision shapes to try and stop the player sliding off blocks.

I'll look into the boss issue. You're meant to hit him with blocks three times and then the door should appear.

It's a great concept for a game, I do love exploration games.

The 3rd level transition isn't very fair with the flying spike ball. Due to how the level transitions have a different type of camera type and are unable to react without losing momentum to jump over the spikes on the pillar.

Could use more sound FXs to help the game out, especially with the final boss; I couldn't tell the first time I hit him.

I had to reload because I've bricked myself on the stone blocks level, good thing you had a save feature.

JeffreyDriver responds:

Thanks for the feedback. You've made some good points. I'll look into making some tweaks and fixed

Like JCLV wrote the game seems to be not saving progress at all. I already passed several areas, finished few levels (the water one, the fire one), but had to stop playing. I returned to the game and now I will have to start from the very beginning.

Is it an AUTOsave or do we have to do something to actually make the game save the progress?

JeffreyDriver responds:

Sorry for the trouble. There is an autosave and it saves every time you switch to a new scene. When you come back to the game, 'Continue?' should appear under the title. Clicking that should take you to the last scene you were on.

I haven't been able to replicate the problem, but I'm looking at it.

tough jumps, i love difficult platformers. but i think you can exit doors without even activating them after the 3rd or so level (the one with the guns) i went in the middle and somehow warped to the next dungeon. i never really noticed anything buggy just that checkpoints shouldnt work like that, you should lose whatever you collected before the next checkpoint/boss health should go back to full etc. other than that i liked it and looking forward to playing the next lost temple.