Reviews for "Lost Temple"

What a great game! I adore the retro graphics, the running & jumping feel spot on, and the story was interesting enough to keep me going. I really enjoyed the parts where you had to plan ahead to get a running start from 3-4 platforms away in order to grab a crystal.

I was able to figure out what to do without needing to read the comments, but it was mostly by the dumb luck of quickly finding a crystal and jumping to the right spot where the pillars were. If that hadn't happened, I would have most likely gotten frustrated, since there's no in-game explanation of what needs to be done. One way to overcome that might be to give players a free map one time, right at the entrance to the first level, that marks not only the collectibles (as it already does) but also the location of the first set of pillars.

Either way, this is still an excellent game; nice work!

JeffreyDriver responds:

Thanks for playing. I'm glad that you enjoyed it. You've made some good suggestion, I'll look at implementing them.