Reviews for "Con-Quest! Poké-con (Version 0.095)"


scenes at the shop are not showing even tho the option is on

Started new game, got bug at the battle scenes, start with a vibrating girl, and for example in the misty battle the gyarados dont dissapear, there also the weak invocations at the beggining (weaker than the normal spell (modyfied with stickers))

I like this game but after playing this version for no less than 2 minutes it keeps freezing I was not able to move past the introduction, even if I get past the conversation about the wall it always freezes at shop. the skip button is pushable but does nothing. I even cleared my cache but it still happens.

Fucking stupid, misty battle is fucking impossible. No MP item to recover the lost mp of course, you only can have one HP item, she keeps attacking with gyarados and you can`t defend with that debuff on --`