Reviews for "RACISTWATCH, Overwatch Fail!"

Cheers love, I signed up just to review this terribly unfunny excuse for animation.

I've played Overwatch, and let me just say, this is not even comedic. This isn't funny. I didn't laugh once or even grin. I'm no 'anti-racist humor' kind of guy, but when you use the same joke like 20 times in a video and make jokes work because of incorrect labelling, then I get my 'panties in a bind'. Firstly, Reyes is American, not Hispanic. It's almost as if you don't even play the game and just made assumptions. I've watched your content before, so I knew what I was getting into. Sensitive, and funny humor with subpar animation. This time, I didn't even realize this was your channel when I was watching this filth.

Also, I like how you make Lucio's pants sag because 'haha he's black'. Not all black people sag, you fucking donkey. He's Brazilian. When was the last time you saw a Brazilian sag? Spare me the commentary.

I haven't even started yet. Here's my list of enjoyable characters from greatest enjoyed to least enjoyed.

1. Widowmaker, she was funny and her accent was pretty spot on.
2. Tracer, shew as also funny, and her voice was pretty good, however I had trouble distinguishing what you were trying to portray her as. She was more cocky than spiff and spaffy.
3. Torbjorn, even though he only had like 1 line.
4. McCree, the voice was perfect and his little bit was pretty enjoyable.
5. Pharah, voice was good, everything else I completely hated.
6. Ana, voice was subpar, but she's better than most.
7. Symmetra, as a fellow autist myself this was just insulting. But I do must admit she was kind of funny and enjoyable. Hey, fucko, did you know that the average autist possess above average intelligence? I didn't think so.
8. Doomfist, he was not the slightest bit enjoyable. Annoying more than funny.
9. Lucio, portrayed wrong and terribly out of character. Voice wasn't even good.
10. Reaper, unfunny Mexican stereotypes are not funny, nor are they enjoyable.
11. Winston, a giant intelligent gorilla portrayed as nothing more than an aggressive monkey. Wow. So original and funny.
12. Genji. HAHA! LOOK GUYS, WEAK FLIMSY JAPANESE NINJA! AHAHAH! SO FUNNY, RIGHT? This joke is so unoriginal and tasteless that it's been beaten to death. Try something else, unoriginal wankstain.
13. Junkrat and Roadhog, not that enjoyable or memorable.
14. D.va and Mei, D.va's voice was spot-on, and then I fucking hated it. Mei was kind of blank and had no humor at all. She could've used ice wall to block the Meka too.
15. Mercy, she was basically nothing other than the autist patronizer. Unoriginal boring and flatly characterized.
16. Soldier 76. Listen, I like a little 'redneck' humor once and a while, I really do. But when it's boring, excessive, unfunny, and generally unnecessary, you have this pile of wasted potential. It was clear he was the main drive for this animation as he has the most lines, screen time, and most animations. He was unfunny. He was not original, and more importantly his jokes weren't even that great. Let me jot down all of the things he enjoys here. Calling black people and apes monkeys, looking at burly black men making women moan, making fun of 'minorities', disregarding his mates' safety, and running head-first into danger. He was the most unoriginal, uninspired, and unfunny person in the entire film.

Before you try to delve into 'racist humor', you should probably study what's funny and what's not. This is effortless, non-comedic garbage that looks like it fits more in a dump than an online website. Youtube should probably delete both of the versions from the site as they are a disgrace to the word 'content'.

(I apologize if I was destructive and not constructive, but my disagreement took over after watching this pile of guck. I will understand if my account gets deleted, never intended on staying here.)