Reviews for "Just One Boss"

+ :
Good pixel art
Fun and challenging
Hard mode adds replay value.
- :
Not very long(but that's ok)

Jesus christ hard mode is cool and all but so god damn difficult.
The game is both simplistic and challenging, I like that.
You also put a touch of detail in both characters (e.g. when you bump into the clone or almost falling). It's very cutesy and the music complements all the above. All and all cool game.

I can not give a hard review like Dunkey can, but I will be blunt. Not through. I love everything about this game, it really shows that my mind has to be focused because normally human brains only function to it's limit — unless, if you can exceed it. That one boss tells you okay, this for baby Cuphead Players. Next mode is like, welcome to the baby steps of Undertale's Genocide Run with Sans. So far, I think that this creator should move to on to creating video—games like these.

Nice fun game, but damn is it hard!

I really enjoyed this!