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Reviews for "Luigi's One Punch"

time limit too short

I really do like this game, I like the one punch man references also the endings.

But god damn the last 2 ending are impossible without using some sort of glitch, let's be honest did you developer actually did this legit or you used some type of advance stuff?

PoliuxDimension responds:

I'm not sure what your are asking, I will tell you some fact and see if I can answer your question:

1.All my games is developed by Adobe Animate CC and coded by Action Script 3.
2.All my games took over 1~2 months working day and night while I have free time.
3.All my games develop from scratch, simple plan text I wrote in windows note book.
4.The game is tested by myself, I also play my own game directly on this website
before I launched it, and all endings of this game can be done by bare hand.
(When I was developing ending S, I was too lazy to create a shortcut to debug,
I tested ending S over 100 times simply just play it with my bare hand)

Hope I answer your question, if not, you are welcome to pm me.

If you just press space bar once luigi will keep charging his punch
But the game is good tho

PoliuxDimension responds:

Yes, that would fulfill the minimum requirement for the Daisy and Rosalina ending.

I heard of the glitch, but some how I tried to get Rank A, but it's Impossible, Sometimes I'm to slow which is Rank B, And Sometimes too powerful which is Rank S... So how do you do it?
Edit: found it nvm. gg gal.

PoliuxDimension responds:

The exact condition is written in my youtube video, it's a little complicated, I will not repeat that here.

>right click
>press play
enjoy your medals

PoliuxDimension responds:

Yeah, this game was my first flash game, and as the first experiment itself, it contains multiple problems, which are all fixed in Madam Mim's Bet, including this ancient old trick you mentioned. I found this problem few months ago, but still thanks for telling me. I'm too busy on my new game project, so let me leave it like this for now, as a punishment for the mistake I made.