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Reviews for "Welcome to SHMEVEN 11"

Very refreshing! Good voices!

And I like the undertale cameo. :)

I've already watched this on YouTube, but it looks much better on Newgrounds.

Anyways, I really enjoyed this a lot! I love the fluid expressions and funny voices everyone has. They give the characters more depth in an environment that's already very vivid and imaginative.

I feel like some more sound effects were needed (walking, running, movement, etc.), but everything in the cartoon was so well-done, it made me look past these little nitpicks.

You have a unique style that's both bizarre and fantastic. I'd love to see more from you in the future!

FRICKIN ADORABLE! For the most part anyway, it got pretty disturbing when the robber got slushed. The voice acting was nice, and the animation was amazing! Great job!

Awesome art style and great animation keep up the good work !

Um, great work d00d

You made me feel... weird inside. So I guess, yeah, congrats!

the Art style first drew me in, it reminded me of some cartoon network shows. Then this piece made me get the same feeling as that kid, I suppose. Yeah when I think about it: I felt just like that kid. From start to finish. Lemme lemme... lemme watch your other stoof kek