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Reviews for "Welcome to SHMEVEN 11"

So twisted and happy and awesome all at the same time. XD I wasn't prepared. Refreshingly different, disturbing as those final moments were... so smooth animation too, and voicing, and that happy ambience in the background. It's a trip..


Man this is so sweet!

i think this style is far too played out, noodle arms and apathetic voice acting are nothing new anymore, it is well produced though, you can hold up a mirror to pendleton wards work and all the other animated shows on television nowadays

I've already watched this on YouTube, but it looks much better on Newgrounds.

Anyways, I really enjoyed this a lot! I love the fluid expressions and funny voices everyone has. They give the characters more depth in an environment that's already very vivid and imaginative.

I feel like some more sound effects were needed (walking, running, movement, etc.), but everything in the cartoon was so well-done, it made me look past these little nitpicks.

You have a unique style that's both bizarre and fantastic. I'd love to see more from you in the future!

Really cool style - I'm into it!