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Reviews for "Welcome to SHMEVEN 11"

This here is the crud I live for, this is why I became an animator. It's like Superjail + harvey beaks = blood rainbows and we need more. Thank you for making something so kick ass, the style and quality of animation character design are perfectly well executed, surprised this isn't on a network already haha!

Inspiring work, would love to see a series of this, would watch it 10/10!


Um, great work d00d

You made me feel... weird inside. So I guess, yeah, congrats!

the Art style first drew me in, it reminded me of some cartoon network shows. Then this piece made me get the same feeling as that kid, I suppose. Yeah when I think about it: I felt just like that kid. From start to finish. Lemme lemme... lemme watch your other stoof kek

Very impressive, nice twists, everything is well thought out all the way to the ending with the credits on the sliding doors.. really great job.

drushhh responds:

Cheers brother!