Reviews for "Hell Runner Part 2"

I can't find the bloody password to the Weapon Shop. Still, love the game.

Awesome game! But, why i couldn't get another weapon from Fubar's shop?

RunningZombie responds:

As the saying goes, never bring a knife to a gunfight. =)

ahhh, i just cant find the right code to defuse the code, no matter how much i try. But a great game nontheless

damn it! I do not know which is member password in weapon shop of "fubar"!

A really well-made game. The art, sound and story combine into a captivating experience.
The interface is really simple, it is amazing how much gameplay you get out of so few interactive elements. But then, i guess this is my only point of criticism: the whole thing feels more like a interactive story than like a point'n Click-Adventure. There are no puzzles, if you are stuck it's just a matter of visiting every room in order to find the next step.