Reviews for "Hell Runner Part 2"

It was SUPER fun , the characters were all great ! would love to see a sequel , would have liked to see angela help in some manner after saving her life, but it was quite enjoyable , great job Running Zombie !

cool game! :")

i love the story, fan of this game since i played part I

PLEASE tell me the damn password to Fubar's shop RunningZombie! Anyways this is a great game! I loved part 1 and I love part 2. I like how in the beginning of the game when Martin asks for your name, you can type Satan and he says "That's definitely not your name.". XD Anyways, I REALLY want that password for Fubar's shop. Come on, you've helped me before you can help me now! But nonetheless, this game gets 5 stars! Good job RunningZombie!

5/5 Rate

Interesting , this game is awesome , i like it , this game need to have more saves...

I especially love the music! Great work done! The mouse movement seems a bit stodgy, but I do reckon it's just my computer.