Reviews for "Hell Runner Part 2"

A very great point and click game. The characters are great and it was fun to solve the puzzles considering they weren't too hard, but still made you do stuff to actually accomplish them. My only complaint is that some of the achievements take a lot of extra effort and digging around to get, a bit too much.
Overall though, really great game.

I admit it was hard to play this. I think it's because I don't have a mouse. I couldn't click anything other than the red stuff. At least the premise was cool. A pity I'll never get any of these medals. I did like the animation.

I named my character "Mybutt" again. I just love Gumball so much. The music was pretty good. I never was into point and click adventure games. At least this was something different.

I like the game but I can't figure out the password to the weapon shop what am I missing?

the finger stabbing part is impossible to pass.

This is a FANTASTIC game! I hope there will be a part three.