Reviews for "Hell Runner Part 2"

I m romanian and i find Vlad the impaler lol.

For Anyone Wondering The Password Is CERBERUS

A really well-made game. The art, sound and story combine into a captivating experience.
The interface is really simple, it is amazing how much gameplay you get out of so few interactive elements. But then, i guess this is my only point of criticism: the whole thing feels more like a interactive story than like a point'n Click-Adventure. There are no puzzles, if you are stuck it's just a matter of visiting every room in order to find the next step.

Love the idea behind this game, drug dealing in hell and heaven! Can't wait for a part 3 :)

PLEASE tell me the damn password to Fubar's shop RunningZombie! Anyways this is a great game! I loved part 1 and I love part 2. I like how in the beginning of the game when Martin asks for your name, you can type Satan and he says "That's definitely not your name.". XD Anyways, I REALLY want that password for Fubar's shop. Come on, you've helped me before you can help me now! But nonetheless, this game gets 5 stars! Good job RunningZombie!