Reviews for "Hell Runner Part 2"

I like how when you say f*** u to the pig on the start, he says f*** u too, buddy :D.


I especially love the music! Great work done! The mouse movement seems a bit stodgy, but I do reckon it's just my computer.

5/5 Rate

Interesting , this game is awesome , i like it , this game need to have more saves...

I nearly fell right off my spiky throne of skulls when I saw that a Hell Runner sequel had appeared here on NG! Needless to say I wanted to be right in on the action, and I was not disappointed.

It chucks you right into the mix, with your best mate being locked up in jail (in heaven, however that works!) and your boss' missus being held hostage by a crazy Mexican gangster. Yup, so far so normal. So you have break your bestie out of jail and then basically go on a crazy bunch of fetch quests whilst introducing yourself to new faces and some familiar ones (and some terrifying ones wearing other people's skin).

The whole thing is an absolute blast from start to finish, and although I bumped into some obstacles (i.e. I was too dumb to figure some of the puzzles out), I got there in the end. And the payoff is totally worth it.

Keep up the amazing work, this was hellish!