Reviews for "Hell Runner Part 2"

This game was insanely enjoyable! The soundtrack was awesome, the scripting is just brilliant! It took me 27 minutes and 52 seconds to beat the game, and I had fun doing it! I've failed Ivar's target challenge only once, the rest of the mini-games were finished first try. It was also pretty funny at some parts.
This game deserves my five stars.

RunningZombie responds:

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Even funnier than the first one.

My one qualm is that the challenges are really hard to finish when you have a trackpad instead of an ordinary mouse.

It'd be neat to see another girl character, too.

I had fun playing this!

I hope there's a part 3!

OH MY GOD PART 2 WHAT LETS GO AAH!!!!! im so happy right now you have no idea

Thepointman look in blackbeard' ship for the password
I liked this game made me laugh!

Neat art, UI, and music, though It's a little simple mechanically. I wish it ran at 60 fps, keeping track of that tiny mouse dot at 30 fps when trying to do the axe throwing is hard.