Reviews for "Be Nice"

No stars .

I dont like the animation, story, characters . Is a little bit dark .

Short yet good movie! The plot's pretty funny, and the animation is good!

Besides the ear rapey audio spike of certain lines I enjoyed it! Keep up the good work!!! I liked the colors used! I'm often a fan of using different colors for skin besides what would normally be used.

Content-wise, this is pretty dark... yet strangely funny. I'll take it. The animation isn't bad for what it is, I'm assuming the crude edges were done on purpose -- reminds me of something straight out of late night Adult Swim, e.g. Super Jail. The audio is a bit rough at points... sounds like a friend sent you a recording he made on his external speakers on a Mac or something. Overall, pretty dece!

The facial expressions and art style definitely make this worth checking out. I'm also a huge fan of how surreal this whole thing was. My only problem is with the quality of the audio, but other than that, this was some great work dude.