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Reviews for "Sonic 2| Robotnik"

C'mon, give the guy a break.....

He did his best on it, he gave it his all, & all that good stuff.....personally, i think it's better than the one in the game (more dramatic)

gooooooooooooooood times...

it reminds of whenever i kick eggman's ass in sonic 2

ummm, I don't know about this one...

...ummm, I think to write a song, you need not be tone deaf. Not saying that you are, but for half of the song, I was cringing. The begining section had all the wrong notes. I mean, past the fact that, even if I dodn't know the song, I'd STILL find something wrong with the sound (flat notes, or sharp notes, I don't really know right now,) I've been listening to this song since I was 5. Every day, I'd end up pulling out the game, going down to the soundtrack section, and listening to the neverending loop it would give me. And, after listening to this piece, I couldn't help but write something not entirely positive.

However, I cannot write only negative, as well. Given the fact that you actually attempted to rework this song has to have some points given out to you. And the way that you did it was well-thought out obviously, and a refreshing turn to the better. The use of the percussion was expertly done, and the way you used the strings has to be commemorated as well.

I just cannot get past the notes you used at the begining of the song (after all, a strong begining to the song hooks the person, a strong body to the song keeps them there, and a strong ending leaves them wishing for more) and this song really doesn't have any of those but a strong begining. Work on it, and I'll come back.

to be honest

when this started at first i had my doubts, but im glad i listen to the whole thing cause theres no way i would ever go under 10 stars on this. amazing job.

*mouth hangs*

That is just pure awesomenss!!