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Reviews for "Dreams of Desire - Episode 1"

Let's start with the least severe. The grammatical errors. It wasn't TOO bad, but definitely needs work. Both in spelling AND sentence structure. More sentencing than spelling. Proofreading it before publication never hurts.
Next would be the story. They're are a few red flags there. With that, let me begin with the obvious. The entire story revolves around YOU and this "Landlady". Which is in fact your mother. (It couldn't be more plain.) Yet, Patreon told you to keep it away from incest. That would explain the hiccup in the story by switching to the term "Landlady" instead of "Mom" or "Mother". However, there ARE alternatives that I can see that SHOULD appease the gods(Patreon), yet at the same time SHOULD still keep the story in a more believable atmosphere.
You just need to find a "Guardian" of sorts that is or possibly is sleeping with Dad, and that has played some authoritative role in the life of the main character and his siblings. That would also explain the comment made by the "Landlady" at breakfast. (IMO) No real mother would so blatantly point out the estranged relationship between her children.
So, the part of the "Landlady" (TO ME) just screams "Stepmother". Or, Dads "Girlfriend". At the very least, "Nanny". NONE of these women are of relation, and subsequently will fill the part. Therefor, appeasing the gods (Patreon), and preventing any major rewrite. Not to mention, having to make 2 separate versions.

On a side note. Your story compared to some of the ones that I've come a crossed here are not so different. I respect that Patreon has rules and/or standards, however I can't help but feel that they're gonna hold you back. You obviously wanna express more, or tell a different story. I know that you can't be completely satisfied with this version. If you can't be yourself, what's the point? Changing your work to suit other people makes it their work. (I'm not gonna shave my beard because YOU don't like it.)
Sorry. Didn't mean to ramble, but I hate to see creativity be restricted. With that being said, this is the most that I'll give it. Good luck in the future.

Good game, I look forward to seeing the outcome of this story.

i love it!

honestly this is probably the best game i played on this website such a great story to it as well!! i even went and downloaded 1-5 and i couldnt stop it was so detailed 10/10 would recommend to anyone. so sad that i cant play the rest due to finances (what a shame) but i will be following this author due to raw talent i wish i could play where you end is such a cliff hanger but i cant complain hope to see more!!!

Throughout the game it keeps seeming like its an incest story between a mother and son with just a few word changes, there's multiple hints that they're related with how some of the scene's are played out and she even calls him her "baby boy" in the beginning and talks as if he's her son

Lewdlab responds:

You are feeling it right. It's an incest story, but Patreon forced me (among many others) to change the character's to not being related.
There is a "fan made mod" which reverses this.