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Reviews for "Eggys Big Adventure"

At first i thought that it's going to be just another mediocre platformer.
But then i saw true beauty. Cloud physics. And my inner child rejoiced. Bloody amazing.

Eggy responds:

Thanks Dietereier! I definitely wanted to take a normal platformer and add my own personal eggy style to it to make it unique :)

This is great. It really is. The cloud physics are very realistic and the difficulty level is enough to let you be challenged and have fun with it but, at the same time not rage to badly at it. The story at the beginning was cute and props for the voice acting and narration. Not to bad not to bad at all.

Love this game, I'm addicted! Lots of levels which is great :)

Eggy responds:

Thanks RedOrangeYellow! I tried to make enough to keep you entertained!

"Realistic Physics"

*Jumps on a cloud*

LOL, 5 stars.

Eggy responds:

Hahaha you make a good point there sir! :P

But it was so fun putting physics on clouds that I couldn't resist! they cute!

Physics based
*Goes on trampoline, jumps 15 times high as normal*

Eggy responds:

They are egg powered. Which is the strongest power in all the land.