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Reviews for "Eggys Big Adventure"

At first i thought that it's going to be just another mediocre platformer.
But then i saw true beauty. Cloud physics. And my inner child rejoiced. Bloody amazing.

Eggy responds:

Thanks Dietereier! I definitely wanted to take a normal platformer and add my own personal eggy style to it to make it unique :)

It's like Mario but with a whole new world of physics, and so many entertaining details along the way. :) That everything can be moved about really adds a lot to the experience, though the main character movement seemed almost excessively fast at first, so responsive... takes some getting used to. I like the world, the levels, the small details like that guy getting consumed by darkness AAARGH, and the music has an uplifting comical tone, too. All in all seems like a thoroughly fun game, the only thing missing: medals. :) Would be a pleasure to play through it with a few of those to mark the process... great game.


Eggy responds:

The clouds having physics is definitely a personal fav of mine :) Thank you I'm glad you liked all the little details I added along the way to try bring the game to life.

The darkness consumes meeee arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

I'm having a problem which I've had with another game. My character moves continuously right by default and I have to hold left to get him to move left. There is no way to keep him still.

Eggy responds:

Sounds like the problem is on your end if its happening on other games.

I played this back on mobile and was impressed with the overall smoothness and playability of the game. There are some minor flaws of course - reused graphics, and some weird physics when standing on moving platforms - but for the most part the game feels comfortable. While it's good that the game is simple (as the controls on mobile really don't lend themselves to complexity) I would have liked to see a bit more environmental variety - perhaps different kinds of enemies, or platforms that offered more than the basic Unity physics prefabs.

Most of the issues dealing with actual enjoyability stem from level design. A lot of the difficulty is concentrated in the earlier levels, and while you can usually skip particularly hard levels and farm eggs elsewhere, it's still weird that the second half of the game (and bosses) are comparatively easy, especially when the bubble level is downright brutal (and frustrating, since it's so easy to slip off of them.) It would have made sense to make all of the levels somewhat easy, but for the eggs to be put in especially difficult places. On that note, it would have also been nice for collecting all eggs in a level to provide something, even if it were only cosmetic such as player skins.

Overall my biggest disappointment here is that the game feels like a very generic platformer, even though I've known you to come up with some really outstanding original concepts such as Nodes, Draw Play, and Battle Fish. Battle Fish in particular strikes me as a game that could be outstanding on mobile, given its simple control scheme as well as how much more enjoyable it would be in a less laggy platform such as Unity.

Eggy responds:

Thank you Kwing. You are correct I didn't space out the difficulty on the levels as well as I should have unfortunately. I didn't feel it was that generic, since I havn't made anything with physics like this before.

Thanks for the review.

Not a bad game Keep it up ;)

Eggy responds:

Thank you Ziadoa! glad you enjoyed it :)