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Reviews for "Eggys Big Adventure"

Nice game! Everything works great and the concept is awesome but.. it's just something personal but it feels weird not being able to double jump since I am so used to it and almost every game has that feature, so yeah just wanted to say that and I do not know if anyone else feels the same but overall good game :D

Eggy responds:

Thanks! Ah yes double jump, definitely can be great in a lot of games. I feel it may have made the game a tad too easy with double jump in this game though.

Pretty good!

The first time I played it I could go through doors but now I can't.

Eggy responds:

That is a weird error indeed since I have not seen anyone else with this issue. Perhaps make sure Unity webgl is updated and your browser.

This is great. It really is. The cloud physics are very realistic and the difficulty level is enough to let you be challenged and have fun with it but, at the same time not rage to badly at it. The story at the beginning was cute and props for the voice acting and narration. Not to bad not to bad at all.

Cool! This is an awesome platformer! The fact that so many things can be moved and kicked around make this game really unique! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! :)

Eggy responds:

Thanks so much Wiesi! coming from a dev that inspired me when I was younger to make games! like franks adventure in school. Its good to see you liking the games I end up making!

I did love making as much of the world have physics as possible! specially the clouds.

Thank you:)