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Reviews for "Eggys Big Adventure"

Physics based
*Goes on trampoline, jumps 15 times high as normal*

Eggy responds:

They are egg powered. Which is the strongest power in all the land.

"Realistic Physics"

*Jumps on a cloud*

LOL, 5 stars.

Eggy responds:

Hahaha you make a good point there sir! :P

But it was so fun putting physics on clouds that I couldn't resist! they cute!

Sweet platformer! I know this is an odd comparison, but the atmosphere reminds me of that "Mario Forever" fan-game, even though it's suppose to be similar to a Mario game. Good job!

Eggy responds:

I have not played mario forever but Ill have a look at it. thankyou though I'm glad you liked it.

Love this game, I'm addicted! Lots of levels which is great :)

Eggy responds:

Thanks RedOrangeYellow! I tried to make enough to keep you entertained!

This game was fun! It keep me on my toes for 30 minutes, then when i 100%ed the game, OH BOY I WAS IN FOR A LONG 2 HOURS. It provides tons of entertainment, the voice actor is just... WOW, and the game is very different. My only complaint is the lack of content, It could use some more levels but other then that, great job on the game!

Eggy responds:

Haha yes I wanted the levels accessible for everyone, but the people that loved it to come back and try for all the eggs so impressive that you did!

Yes the voice actor did all the voices as well! he's very talented.