Reviews for "Escape The Fitness Center"

185 seconds. No walkthrough. I have to say, I was hoping for a bit more of a challenge. Decent game though.

Took me 244 seconds. Then again, I did look at the walkthrough. I'll help you guys a bit. Go into the men's bathroom. Look in the second stall for a key. Go to the lockers and put in the code 162.

Take the coat hanger. Use the key to go into the women's bathroom. Use the coat hanger to open the second stall. Take the quarter. Figure out the rest on your own or see the walkthrough.

Pretty easy, only took me 290 seconds. Entertaining, if only for a short time.

only 323 seconds...

relatively easy but enjoyable. good simple puzzles. the thing that didn't make sense was the sink and water fountain.