Reviews for "Escape The Fitness Center"

Easy and generic escape game.

That janitor should be fired - not letting people out if they don't buy him a drink. Then giving keys to patrons who could leave with them.

selfdefiant responds:

Seriously? You have played games before right? It is a fictional world, just so you know.

It wasn't very difficult, which was a nice change of pace, and the easy medal was appreciated. I don't understand why the bicycle room was even included, since there was nothing in there to click or collect.

Honestly, though, why can't I just escape from the chain link fence around the basketball court?

That janitor is always a jerk, can't he buy his own food or drink for crying out loud?!?

Otherwise this I enjoyed. I thought it was pretty tricky, but not impossible. While I've said before that the Escape games are recycled, at least it's good when you have to actually think in order to escape.

Another quick escape game entry from Self Defiant. It is a fun a little break to take in between tasks. It makes a good entry into the library of Self Defiant games.

186 seconds and no walkthrough. It was a nice game and I enjoyed playing it. Need more challenges XD.