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Reviews for "Summoner's Quest ch.10 Camille"

Well Ferdafs, after new grounds finally verified my account after 3 fucking years, I can finally say to you what I've wanted say about your show for a while now. GIVE HIM EYES! This has been bugging me about your videos for a while and I think that a lot of scenes with the summoner would just be better if he had eyes you know? I mean look what you did with Camille, Compare the eyes you gave her to the eyes she has in the official artwork. They are windows to soul and help convey the emotional state of a character. And thats what the summoner should be in my opinion. a Character not a cipher. But its your show, your creation. You do what you think is best.

Phew okay, now thats out of the way, this was a a lot of fun, you improve with every iteration and I'm looking forward to where you go from here.

Once again, absolutely amazing work! I will never understand how you are able to blend quality story and porn in such a wonderful manner. Keep up the amazing work! Also the jinx scene was incredibly cute and I hope it's major foreshadowing to her coming back because if she's gone for good I'm going to cry :(

I have an aversion to metal when it comes to sex...good game though. You're games always make me smile and chuckle. I'm glad you got rid of the minigames from 1&2 is all I can really say.

Another very nice episode, its nice to watch things improve so heavily from issue to issue, the characters move and breathe now, they have details and the animation is far more fluid, whereas toward the beginning of the series it was clunkier and awkward by comparison. All of it is good, but its very nice to see such drastic improvement over the years.
I look forward to more Ferdafs, good job again!

good animation, good storyline.

-0.5 can't see the credits. going to the credits crash the game.

Its been so long since u made that, i'm really impressed. Now the entire lore of runeterra changed, poppy and taric got reworks, and the council of summoners doesnt really exists anymore. wonder how you'll deal with that.
So far, the summoner got under his belt : tariq (taric?), sona, poppy, quinn, lissandra, sejuani, ashe, tryndamere,anivia,elise,ezreal,jinx,vi,caitlyn and now camille. There is now 15 of them. will u conclude that he has all his champs or will you change it to 20?

My theory: the next ones will be either janna or evelynn.
Have a nice day!