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Reviews for "Summoner's Quest ch.10 Camille"

i love the face that Camille looks like Mercy from overwatch.

The series has been okay for me and I really enjoyed ch. 7; it gave the game a little bit more depth and almost seemed like the MC wasn't a homophobic prick but it didn't quite end the way I thought it would. From the beginning, I thought he might be a kind gentlemanly type but more and more he's just showing how much of a submissive doormat that he really is. Letting these people ruin his life, take all of his money and place all the blame on him; if they want to go to war oh the fuck well you did try to hell and the assholes didn't want it so move on. There's being nice and helpful and then there's being a snot rag for everyone to wipe their nose on. Sometimes you have to be selfish too and think about yourself a little bit too. Also please quit with the meek act when the women offer themselves up for sex; after all the pussy come on!! It's like just say okay and do it lmao!!!

I understand it all now. Tarik is behind all of this. Tarik has done some voodoo stuff to get every female to magically fall in love with the summoner, until there are none left. Then Tarik will be there to claim the prize.

Ahhh still as awesome as I remember. I'm ashamed I almost forgot about this amazing story!

The screen is always black, and I tried refreshing, closing tab, and everything but its just staying black,but weirdly the text and the choices bubbles still pop up.