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Reviews for "Hexamaster: The Beginning"

Very promising, I've only made a few duels for now but I can see how deep it can get! 10/10 Will play again.

Nice game !

Graphism, sound, music and ambience to the top.
The cards system offers a lot a strategical combination.
Love it.

Hi Inateno, sorry that I took so much time before trying the demo on Newgrounds.

After looking to the comments below it seems you did some improvement between the moment you launch the demo and now. I enjoy the visual novel experience even if characters still have a lack of charisma (I think you should exagerate the physical traits and clothes of Elias Walker and Eliana should get more facial expressions).

On the game part, I think you should maybe make the board more purified, a cleaner board would probably make the game more accessible for newcommers.

I also get a bug where a duel showed the wrong numbers ( it was like my card was at 0 when the other one was at 4 but i was the one winning) It happenned only one time on the tests I've made on this version.

But it becomes more and more awesome everyday ;) keep the good work.

And for anyone who discover this, Inateno is also someone very open to discuss with to improve the game so don't hesitate and give feedbacks to help improve the game !

Inateno responds:

Hi, thanks for the feedback :)

Yes, I'm doing a new build almost everyday lol.
I don't like bugs lol (but this takes time, more than making the game).

About character-design I agree, but the illustrator doesn't have time actually and he did characters+facial expressions very quickly, I know his work and he can do AWESOME work. The Kickstarter campaign is mainly to pay him. Everything will be polished to the maximum (because he will have enough time for).

Ah I know this little bug lol, I don't know how to fix it yet but it's not blocking so people can play the game x)

Thanks for the support!
I will keep the good work as much as I can ^^

Need to improve the tutorial(some mecanics probably need more explanations), but great potential!