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Reviews for "Pmation: "Phoney Baloney""

I'm with the blue one, how does ringing a bell with ya head work? Love these animations, they make me happy.

Hilarious as usual! Old phones, but classic humor!

Why do I find this funny?! Oh, because it reminds me of my ex-roommate.... That's why.

2 favorites and it hasn't even been submitted yet? Well, I never noticed that before. I especially enjoyed how the punchline escalated. I had no idea that would happen. His name's Bluey or something? It's definitely the same character.

The title was cheesy, but fun. As always, it's great for a quick laugh. You never run out of cartoonish stuff to do. It's always fresh! Something short should get a short review, but I don't like to give those.

nice little animation keep it up guy :D