Reviews for "Unsafe - chapter 2"

beautiful, powerful story line. Great graphics! I really enjoyed this, I only wish there was more. Pls keep it up...

arty-farty responds:

thank you

Nice game but chapter one was more interesting and better. There really is no new story material here. Glad to see that they all went to Hell in the end.

Idk wtf people are talking about maybe they dont have sympathy for the gay kids that actually experienced this or maybe they want the story spoonfed to them, whatever the case this was a beautiful game with a great storyline, I cant believe you made it in 5 days. It is sort of more of an experience I guess but for 5 days you really knocked this one out of the park, one of my favourite ones on this site!! Good job

Although short, this game lived up to my expectations. Unsafe is truly a GREAT concept, and it is proving to continue to be. Everyone else is nitpicking, I believe, because for making this in only five days, this is pretty amazing. In both games, Unsafe has proven to be shrouded in mystery and confusion, with a puzzle element to it, and never ceases to entertain me. I truly praise this game and your brilliant mind!

I was about to skip this game when I saw some unenthusiastic reviews. I literally had my finger on the back arrow, when I saw the word "sjw". That's when I knew this game was for me and my liberal ass.

Okay, so I have a lot of thoughts on this game. I understand it was made in a short period of time, and I have never developed a game so I have no idea how much work it must take to make one. So I will try to go easy considering that haha.

First, I'll talk about the gameplay and controls. For me personally, this was difficult to play. I have OCD or something because I sometimes press on the keyboard too often so that I feel "right". That would somehow break the game I think. The lock on the bathroom wouldn't be able to be solved, and I couldn't select inventory items. I also picked up extra batteries and a key lol. I'm guessing that it normally doesn't freak out that bad as long as you don't press buttons like a mad-man (like my dumb ass does). And again, this was done in a short amount of time. So I wasn't angry or too impatient. But, I did have to restart it two times and then go on to gamejolt to see if it was easier on there, and I believe it was. This is just basically me saying how bad I am at playing games without breaking them. The controls weren't too bad overall. E usually worked and I worked well and were respondent normally. The movement was alright. I am not really the right person to judge those aspects of the game though obviously.

So now onto the story. I did NOT expect this game to be about gay conversion. So forgive me if I get parts of the story wrong, I may have missed some details. So this young man is in school when he meets another boy and they fall in love. His father gets angry because he's a homophobe and he is going to send him to gay conversion therapy. Boys at school see that they are together (at least platonically) and bully them. Then something happens to Daniel. He is murdered maybe? I'm guessing the bullies kill him?? And the main character is so distraught and as his dad is sending him to have the gay "shocked out of him", he steers his dad's car into traffic, likely killing them both.

As a queer person, I always am so into representation. Especially when it comes to how LGBT+ people are discriminated against, even by their own family. This was a really interesting way to show that. I'm always a sucker for flashbacks and cool eerie stuff, so that helped the experience as well. I like how the paint/spraypaint was sort of foreshadowing the blood. The books lying around that you could read were a really nice addition to the gameplay and I thought that was really cool. Some clues for the bathroom combination didn't really make sense, like a four-digit phone number to call, or someone's locker combination being three x's and a number. But again, 5 days.

I understand why the main character did what he did (though I don't condone suicide), and I do not hate him for killing his dad (someone commented that and I don't think they really understood what the dad did). Though I don't think anyone deserves to die, and the dad could've redeemed himself, I do understand at the very least why the boy would just not be thinking and so scared and fed up with how he was being treated. And this is a horror game so them dying is kind of fitting in that sense. I feel like I had more to say (surprisingly), but I can't think of it right now. I would have rated this a 4, but I am guessing some people rated this poorly simply because it is "too political" (as if gay people being made to look at the same sex while being shocked/forced to throw up is something "political" instead of something we should all agree is wrong), so I rated it half a star higher because fuck them. I really liked the concept and the graphics were pretty good for how little time it took you. I go off on tangents too often, so I'm guessing I did that here a lot. Sorry. This was a good game and I'm glad that homophobes commented the word "sjw" so I could experience it.

arty-farty responds:

thanks so much for the in depth review. This project was made in a fevered inspirational hurry, so I agree that some nuance may have been lost along the way, but the fact that it garnered this type of response from you (and people like you) makes me feel like I might have done something right.