Reviews for "Keev!"

[X] I will protect it

[X] I want to see it grow up healthy

[X] I want to tell my family and neighbors about it

This is adorable; I really enjoyed the use of music for sound effects.

Piggybank12 responds:

Thank you! I'm actually somehow overjoyed there's a bunch of positive response to the sound design here! I've long considered making another project with a similar approach to the sound and music, so seeing this kind of response is inspiring.

Very nicely done! Super cute character too.

You may have created a short animation. But what I think you really created was a cute video game character!

Remember Dynamite Heady back for Sega?
Of course you don't that game is hella old.

But Imagine a character who wears different helmets that grant different powers? And she has to bash her head as a primary form of attack.

I would also look to the game SUPER BONK on SNES for inspiration.

Imagine a platform running game similar to Sonic, Super Bonk, Dynamite Heady, and Kirby.

Piggybank12 responds:

Hah, great observation! And I like the idea of grabbing different helmets for different powers and attacks! That sounds fun!

It's kinda funny you mention her being a great fit for a video game though: Keev's character design actually came from a video game I was helping to develop as a fun side project years ago. The game was aiming to be a 3D platformer similar to the original Spyro games, and an early version of Keev was among the few character designs I made for it. She was ultimately rejected as the programmer didn't like her design much. I think they were looking for something less cute at the time, haha.

The game didn't end up going anywhere in the end, but I got to keep the designs for my own projects. A couple years later I was scrambling to come up with a senior film concept and stumbled upon her character art again. Just looking at her design made story ideas pop up in my head, so I ran with it, and here we are!

I gotta admit though, after seeing the reception for this film so far, I'd love to come back to that video game concept someday. We'll see!

i like it :3