Reviews for "Keev!"

Cute, simple, straightforward animation. I liked it!

I'm also probably reading way into it, but it seems like a young up and comer in her village finds a new way to do something that is otherwise a tradition... kind of like a cute illustration of disruption, which is pretty relevant.

Loved this one. The character is very lovable and the music is catchy. There's something about Keev that stands out from other videos I've watched and definitely falls into my top three vids I've watched on newgrounds.

Piggybank12 responds:

Woah, thank you! I'm honestly humbled by you placing Keev among some of your favorite videos here. I never imagined that possibly happening during all my years of hanging out here on Newgrounds and posting my own projects. That means quite a lot to me!


That was adorable. and the music was so catchy.

Seems like it must be a world with a surplus of trees for it to be inhabited by these head-butting people. XD I love the idea, so original, and the way it goes down... great as well. It's easy to follow all the way, and plenty of bits of entertainment with each headbutt until she finally finds a way. The acorn was a nice detail too, as in: it falls down, but a new one grows in its place... seems like there's a lesson of life somewhere in there. Nice work, and glad you did finally upload this! The dust will never really settle here. :)