Reviews for "Keev!"

Awesome man!

The music syncing with the animation from start to finish was perfect, love it!

I am a sucker for the subtle things and how you faded out the movie into your outro was one of my favourite parts of your Movie, very nicely done!

Si bien gráficamente no tiene grandes efectos la animación es fluida y es bastante linda a mi consideracion como el mensaje y el diseño de personajes mis Congratulations

This was cute and beautiful, my dude. You've always been my favorite animator in the Sonic Shorts, and this original piece did not disappoint. Loved the voices and blocky lineart style.

Piggybank12 responds:

Hey, thank you so much! Great to see you enjoyed the film, and it really means a lot to know you enjoy the Sonic Shorts stuff I've helped with as well! I was partially worried this might get the cold shoulder simply because it didn't have Sonic in it, but I'm really happy to see I was wrong about that. Honestly feels really exciting to know people are pretty cool with me trying to make some original stuff every once in a while!

You may have created a short animation. But what I think you really created was a cute video game character!

Remember Dynamite Heady back for Sega?
Of course you don't that game is hella old.

But Imagine a character who wears different helmets that grant different powers? And she has to bash her head as a primary form of attack.

I would also look to the game SUPER BONK on SNES for inspiration.

Imagine a platform running game similar to Sonic, Super Bonk, Dynamite Heady, and Kirby.

Piggybank12 responds:

Hah, great observation! And I like the idea of grabbing different helmets for different powers and attacks! That sounds fun!

It's kinda funny you mention her being a great fit for a video game though: Keev's character design actually came from a video game I was helping to develop as a fun side project years ago. The game was aiming to be a 3D platformer similar to the original Spyro games, and an early version of Keev was among the few character designs I made for it. She was ultimately rejected as the programmer didn't like her design much. I think they were looking for something less cute at the time, haha.

The game didn't end up going anywhere in the end, but I got to keep the designs for my own projects. A couple years later I was scrambling to come up with a senior film concept and stumbled upon her character art again. Just looking at her design made story ideas pop up in my head, so I ran with it, and here we are!

I gotta admit though, after seeing the reception for this film so far, I'd love to come back to that video game concept someday. We'll see!

Absolutely amazing