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Reviews for "GWL2 Both of You, Fuck Like You Want to Win!"

Did you know corn helps protect you from cancer and heart disease?

But more importantly, this was amazing, from music to facial animations to the fun writing. You just sold me on the future of this silly cast. And let's not forget you actually posted a complete game, which is alot rarer than it should be.

..I cant fap to this! the story, character, and art is just too damn good.

GameGWL responds:

The goal was always to make the most unfappable porn game ever >:3

Ironically this game is incredible and on the god-tier of adult Newgrounds games

But unironically it's actually really entertaining and it's almost kind of a shame that it's a Newgrounds porn game

Oh and uh, not to mention that the Go Home ending was the second ending I played through, and it scared the shit out of me at 2AM. So, like, I hate it, but well done! I'm gonna have nightmares about warped-faced big tiddy sweater dress-wearing wrestler ladies for a little while

what is Kayley.

GameGWL responds:

Kayley is a gosh darn cutie

This Walter is such a sweet man.