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Reviews for "GWL2 Both of You, Fuck Like You Want to Win!"

gotta love devilman

I was really enjoying the game, loved it too bits. However when I came upon the path to fuck Aiden and Lucas I started having a giggle fit. Especially "It's Mahvel baby!". I love the SBF and this made for a weird, albeit fun, turn down crazy lane. Keep up the good work.

Uhhhh, what the fuck are the Super Best Friends Zaibatsu doing here?

The music is to loud and dont fits in some scenes but it has quality. The designing is good but to exaggerated.

Genuinely quite well written. Dialogue is funny in a goofy way, albeit in a way where it feels like there's some intentional, "This is Harley Quinn if she was a wrestler" styled characterization.

Seeing the SuperBestFriends done up as sexy boys for a porn game is bizarre. It makes their dialogue funnier, but is probably just odd to read from the viewpoint of someone who has no idea who they are.

That said, man are the sex scenes a mixed bag. Some are drawn fine but animated really jerky. It's a simple fix that would just require a couple frames inbetween the loop to make it reset better. Others, specifically the lesbian scissoring scene, are horribly drawn and made me wonder if they were outsourced. I don't know how they're facing away from each other, scissoring each other from a side way and yet looking like they're grinding their butts together because the anatomy is such a mess. Also Victoria in general is just a nightmare to look at.

All in all, a good goofy visual novel that could have used more polish and a bit more content.

GameGWL responds:

Thank you for the feedback, I'll keep working at the animation stuff, and I'll do my best to make sure it looks better in the next game