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Reviews for "GWL2 Both of You, Fuck Like You Want to Win!"

Amazing game designed really well. Do you make other professional games?
P.S the veiwtubers made me smile.

I liked it, but the sex scenes were too simple compared to 1. this at least had a lot of history and funny moments. in my opinion this game only lacked the counter of the images and scenes as the 1

GameGWL responds:

I guess the first game had more options per animation than this one, but I tried to make up for it by including more sex scenes, it was hard to find a good balance of quality/quantity Dx

Thank you for the feedback :3

I loved the game, but I truly gotta ask, why has everyone but a single person in the reviews just not even mentioned the ending that was slightly offsetting? I'm not gonna say it was scary, but just a little creepy and weird. Other than that though, the comedy is better than the sex scenes, but that's just the games charm, and I think it's great.

GameGWL responds:

Maybe that ending only showed up in your version of the game! :O *ominous music plays*

The writing was awesome as always, laughed many times, but at some points it dragged on for too long ( for example 'Hayley was breathing for a very long time.... very long t-you get the idea' or something like that ).

To top that, the porn moments like animations or pics weren't really that rewarding and some where really disappointing, so after I did the "lesbian ending" I just skipped through the "ViewTubers ending". The sex scenes like that one for example when Pen and Hay ride both mouth and dick of the white guy were just awfull. Lazy animation which is a bit more satisfying than a stickman porn (in short: trash). Trust me, I saw one, and it's fucking dumb...

I really liked the Hayley boob-bouncing animation, it's so simple but so fun <3 and it made me wonder 'why there wasn't any shower scene before? ah yes, ofcourse, it would be a cliche porn moment, maybe that's why?' ( I wasn't trying to sound sarcastic, just for the record). I also liked the sex scene when a black girl was fucked. It was a nice, polished animation. I REALLY didn't liked how Victoria looked like. One thing is that I don't like overly muscular/masculine women, but she wasn't drawn well eighter. I didn't want to see her masturbating scene or her ever at all after I've met her, so thanks for the nightmares...

In the end my opinion is that the first game is much better and after I'm done writing this, I'm going to yank my junk to it, instead of this one. Peace!

Good game! But when are we gonna see Hatchu and Hayley fuck?