Reviews for "Monster Mashing Deluxe"

Its a great game. Simple yet has a challenge to it. Should make a version with more adult things ;D. I like it and cant wait for that update!

When I first played this game I was dissapointed real fast. to summarize: High effort, low reward and kind of uncontrollable no-fun gameplay. But after the last update I figured a second chance should be given. And let me say this: it has improved, a lot. Being able to 'skip' girls by not doing anything is a very good addition, it adds a feeling of being in conrol to the player, though i'm not sure if you removed the speed boost completely in all cases. furthermore the music is a nice addtion along with the sound effects, heh oh my.

As for some suggestions and advice. I've read in some other reviews the suggestion for a gallery, this is a smart move, then make certain monster girls only appear after a specific distance and you will play into the collection urge that gamers usually have (achievements were probably invented on this principle). Also a 'dash ability' would be useful, you get 3 charges to dash forward incase you dont encounter monster girls, this will add to the feeling of control for the player without necessarily breaking the game if need be it could ragain a charge by collecting girls or a powerup or something. Perhaps with some finetuning and expanding upon this idea you could actually turn this into a little project for crowdfunding platforms such as patreon, if you'd want that.

Well, looking at this massive review I'd say i've atoned for the initial low vote i threw at this game, I bid you farewell and good luck.

The human race has reached pinnacle development.

I regret nothing.

Finally got around playing this game and GOOD GOD is this game addictive XD

ninjamuffin99 responds:

ayyy yeye this game is pretty alright i guess

sex sells 0.0

ninjamuffin99 responds:

yup ;o