Reviews for "Monster Mashing Deluxe"

I'm probably giving this too high a rating. It's mostly because it has a medal I can actually get! I wish all things were that easy around here. I'm even glad the porn didn't get too graphic. Well, maybe it does later. I didn't get that far.

Is 1440 far? I doubt it. I like the sprite work. This didn't even seem like a dating sim at first. Well, it really isn't. I still found it unique.

Free medal

Key bindings for left and right arrows is imo extremely tiring after 5 attempts. Like we're already using left and right arrows to navigate to avoid obstacles, and then you want us to spam left and right arrow keys again to smash the monsters? Change the 2 controls up.

ninjamuffin99 responds:

we tried to make it so that people are able to play the game one handed

but if you want, you can use your other hand, to use on arrow keys to mash left and right, while WASD with your other hand to move

I played it on my mobile and had fun but now it says not compatible on your device strange?


ninjamuffin99 responds: