Reviews for "Monster Mashing Deluxe"

I hope the artwork is going to show up in the art portal. The game was good, though, because it doesn't put you in "lanes", I found myself getting one edge of my character stuck on an edge of a rock, and dying because of it. For this type of game, having set lanes, where pushing left or right moves you to the next lane(s) might be a better option than freely moving about.

ninjamuffin99 responds:

If you want the artwork in the portal you're gonna have to spam the artist on twitter @deegeemin because he's bein a goober about Newgrounds. And for the lane stuff, it's something that we've been considering since the start, and still are to some extent.

Cute concept. I just wish
A: The girls didn't slide off the screen while you're trying to look at them. (And is the mini-game supposed to end if you wait too long?)
B: We need a monster girl picture gallery yo! Like ever X girls of a type that you ravage unlocks another picture of them.

thanks, I hate it

definitely a fun game, but as others have mentioned, it could use a picture gallery.
also a "fap mode" would probably be a good idea. (hint hint)

this is definitely a good time (and keyboard) killer game, with fappable content, though you don't really get enough time to fap.
i would be very likely to recommend this game to others, though there is still plenty of potential for improvement, maybe unlock-able girls you can view later, which can only be reached after a certain distance is approached.

ninjamuffin99 responds:

yep the gallery thing is def gonna be something in the next biggish update. and another good gf.

Not too bad but if the point of the game is the sexy monsters, you should leave them on screen for longer, give them more suggestive poses and include other parts of the female body :3