Reviews for "Monster Mashing Deluxe"

Good stuff.
Too bad I suck at this game............ T_T
P.S.:So wish there was "A" version with more lewd things....

Now this is the kind of game NG was made for. :D I love the idea, simple and addicting, and the graphics are appealing too... though as for gameplay it does feel a bit imbalanced. The speed picks up crazy fast yet sometimes slows to a crawl... and stops before you manage to run into anymore monsters/girls. It also feels like it jumps a bit, but may be that's simple lag, otherwise the controls are smooth; gameplay easy to get into. And play again, and again, and again... wish you had a total score table too for those that really put in the time here; show the accumulated effort spent on traversing those murky swamps and dungeons. ;) Good fun.


ninjamuffin99 responds:

ay thanks for the review! That accumulated score is def gon be something we'll add since personally i'd like those stats myself lol

I hope the artwork is going to show up in the art portal. The game was good, though, because it doesn't put you in "lanes", I found myself getting one edge of my character stuck on an edge of a rock, and dying because of it. For this type of game, having set lanes, where pushing left or right moves you to the next lane(s) might be a better option than freely moving about.

ninjamuffin99 responds:

If you want the artwork in the portal you're gonna have to spam the artist on twitter @deegeemin because he's bein a goober about Newgrounds. And for the lane stuff, it's something that we've been considering since the start, and still are to some extent.

facepalms*...sighs*.....frick i suck at this game.....

Cute concept. I just wish
A: The girls didn't slide off the screen while you're trying to look at them. (And is the mini-game supposed to end if you wait too long?)
B: We need a monster girl picture gallery yo! Like ever X girls of a type that you ravage unlocks another picture of them.