Reviews for "Monster Mashing Deluxe"

Free medal

beautiful these monsters...

So most infinirunner games like Temple Run have the PC getting faster and faster until it's too fast to be playable, then after losing send you back to the snail pace the game starts at.

This game does it different, where the player chooses the speed they run at by "mashing" the girls. If you move too fast it becomes unplayable, if you move too slow you run out of "horniness" (I guess) and you lose. This is actually a really fun mechanic since it forces the player to make split second decisions on whether or not they should "mash" a particular girl, this creates really intense and immersive gameplay, that's really fun with a huge risk/reward system.

The biggest flaw with the game though is when you "mash" a girl her portrait takes up the whole screen and you can't see what's happening, so you can't see that you might be running into rocks, leading to a lot of annoying game overs.

Overall the game is in desperate need of polishing, particularly with the girls spawn locations/rates. Sometimes I'd be forced into a corridor with 4-5 girls with no way to avoid the speed boosts they force on me and other times I wouldn't find any girls at all for very long stretches making me lose from running out of "horniness". I think this isn't entirely terrible since it adds to the risk/reward system of choosing when to "mash" a girl.
Personally I think if the player had a one use per game item that let them choose when to slow down or speed up then that'd make it more fun. Maybe it could refill after "mashing" a certain number of girls

I also noticed two "tricks" with the controls, I don't know if these are intentional or not but you can double tap a direction to "dash" in that direction and, when you "mash" a girl, you can use the Z and X keys instead of left and right. Both of these are good mechanics imo but not sure if they're supposed to be there or not.

If there's supposed to be any sort of meaning or perversion subversion behind this then it's gone over my head but for the actual gameplay and mechanics I think you could really make something out of this, so personally I think you should polish it and maybe add more content, like a level system or something. "Get to 10,000 points to get new girls and harder levels." Something like that.

I am though a little disappointed that despite the plant themed girls, you didn't include a strawberry one, I mean come on! That's so obvious like.

Not too horrible, I suppose it's a good "wanking" game with tapping left and right furiously to see nude toadstool and plant girls. Not really much else though.

Just a heads up, the game is completely unplayable on Firefox 58.0.2 (64-bit). All I see is a black screen. I hear the music playing, but see nothing.

I'm probably giving this too high a rating. It's mostly because it has a medal I can actually get! I wish all things were that easy around here. I'm even glad the porn didn't get too graphic. Well, maybe it does later. I didn't get that far.

Is 1440 far? I doubt it. I like the sprite work. This didn't even seem like a dating sim at first. Well, it really isn't. I still found it unique.