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Reviews for "Chemistry Set"

That dad must have known some truths about that mysterious blue composition some others didn't... maybe he'd stained a fair share of driveways with blue in his days too hmm... didn't end the way I thought it would at all, which was... a pleasant surprise. Peaceful resolutions. Harmless entertainment. Hot dogs! Well told. And yeah I do think I had one of those too, though no idea what I did with it...


Great story, forgot all about Beakman's, guess no PHD for me.


This really happened to you? Well, the weirdest part is how it all worked out for you. Maybe the dad knew it would just go away soon? Well, it was some kind of new chemical. I doubt he'd even know that. Yeah, I never had a chemistry set.

I did some chemistry in school. Does that count? I didn't know these sets were available for children. You'd think they'd require adult supervision. Well, it was a different time.

"I've watched a couple of episodes of beakman's world, alright, I practically have my PHD in chemistry for Christ sake..." lol