Reviews for "The Surprise Demise Of Francis Cooper's Mother"

I loved every second of this! I found myself completely mesmerized from beginning to end. Well done!

I feel like I might have seen this before... the narration reminds of Keith Reynolds or Peter Peele (could be it's the combination of that as well as earlier teaser imagery that makes it feel familiar)... either way it was as well-presented as always, with that trademark tragedy within the comedy, the bizarre and overly violent... but all amounting to some form of cynical wisdom when it all amounts! Such is life. And this was an interesting style to animate it in, too, feel like it works great for the most part, but the motion-tween moment when the eyes open/close does feel a bit strange, as round eyes don't just squeeze together like so... maybe that'll be your new trademark though. ;) Good stuff.


Very well constructed and a nice message :) Liked it!

Great work :) Love the style and storytelling.

Very well done.!

FelixMassie responds:

Glad you enjoyed :)