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Reviews for "SACRIFICE.fla"

My "Theory" :

The first scene Deimos is seen floating in a darkish abyss (Maybe Hell), but was then dragged in the other world by those giant harpoon things. All the Grunts have black blood meaning they might be dead already so the world that Deimos fought in was, I guess, Limbo and when these harpoon things destroyed him at the end might have meant that he as "set free" or dent back to that dark abyss.

But besides that Krinkels had most likely made these '.fla' vids to either give us an idea of different concepts that will be added to the new Madness episode or maybe he just wants to have fun :P

Can't wait for more! Is that younger Deimos that he reached for? Sanford? or Hank? At this point I'm thinking everyone who's the "Hero" has a brain injury of some sort.

It might be short... but look at the quality guys! +He's probably putting most of the effort in the upcoming game

Can't wait for the next awesome animation

Welcome to hell buddy! In here it will be kill or be killed! Everything you know and love will be use to Toture you so good luck staying alive!