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Reviews for "SACRIFICE.fla"

well animated and amazing gore awesome!!!

Nice to know Krinkels is adding more onto Deimos and his story sucks that he died :(

This must be what it is like to be absorbed by the Auditor...

Awesome Madness as always. This is very interesting to me because, although it's obviously even more abstract than the usual vids, I feel like--to an extent, at least--it's canon to the story. I'm assuming it takes place in Hell? What exactly are the chains? But what really makes it tie together for me is the fact that at the end, not only does it look like they're outside the bakery from Madness Avenger, but was that Hank who fell down there that Deimos inspected? That's how he looked during the third Madness Combat... the puzzle continues...

Either way, awesome, can't wait to see more as always! :)

What's not to like about this animation? It's almost as good as the Madness Combat 11 and Madness Project Nexus 2 that Krinkles is working on. (You ARE working on them, right?)