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Reviews for "Monster Hunter World in a Nutshell"

This is why I oly play single player games.

this is like 120% accurate.
although for me when a gramalkin f**** up my day its usually getting paralyzed then getting firebombed into next Tuesday.
Once you get late game beetlejuices are kinda a welcome sight in my opinion... they will stun lock the ever living shit out of every other monster and you can turtle behind cover till it flies away.

real funny i never played mh but i feel like i have now

Actually quite funny...obvious effort involved but...really...very little animation overall and the artwork's a bit poor. Definitely work harder, keep practicing and maybe worry about Patreon once you're putting out something of a more polished quality. Support should be earned first.
Again, as I said...it's funny, for sure. It just needs more work put into the visuals. Best of luck.

Nothing worth paying actual money for here.