Reviews for "Parking Spots : Foamy The Squirrel"

Whoa! My folks and I always have trouble finding a good parking spot when we go out and get stuff that we actually need. We have to do three-way turns, sometimes we go in a circle until one person comes out of a good parking spot and afterwards, we have to watch traffic so that no one bounces us down. Eeessshhhh!!!! Needless to say, Foamy hit the right notes about this subject.

you just said my entire viewpoint on handicapped parking! XD

By leaving carts near the parking spot you help the next customer.

dood im surprised you still do this stuff, i still remember you hitting me up on deviantshitart bout my germaine commish i did for someone

oh the memories, but keep at it bruh

Can't relate as much to this one as the prerequisite for parking would be: a car. :) But entertaining, no doubt. Good stuff.