Reviews for "Batebu"

can you plz teach me how to make games like this?

The game's really feelin good, sad that the only-controller thing made people downrate it. Played it with pals, and it works really well ! No, I swear guys, try it with controllers. It'll be better. :o)

C'est vraiment très fun! Les contrôle sont simples et efficaces et ont bonne correspondance entre eux. J'ai d’ailleurs l’impression que tu t'es inspiré de Samurai Gunn.
Bref un jeu efficace ! Keep it up przejaciel!

It's not too bad, simple, basic but fun attacks. I was confused myself when my keyboard would not work. But then I hooked up my PS4 controller.

The controls are simple and easy to learn. I was also confused by how the opponent was just idle. Over all, great start, just need a lot more tweeks.

the game does not work, at the home the A keys did not actived and all comands dont work, And no music also someone cant talk me about please
i think the game is real good, i see it to comments and rating but i cant give real opinion.
I gave 2.5 stars for the moment, when the bug will be correct, i will resee it .
Sorry for my english i am am not an anglophone i am learning it

boumusic responds:

I've tried several browsers and xbox gamepads, everything seemed to be working for me.
I must admit this is beyond my competences, I'm sorry you're unabled to play :(