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Reviews for "Element Fighters"

cool but need more lements or psys

What is that Fl thing is it a 1 l or captical i is it a code cause it won't work anyone please tell me that's the only problem i have anyway i love this game 5 stars

All in all a solid MK clone. Great gameplay, good characters, and certainly worthy of a playthrough.

not a bad stick-figure parody. pretty fun, actually. spot-on, though each char seems to have an obvious go to move on Beginner mode, with Hothead's being the most advantageous (Fire Roll). wish Snowdude's Triple Shuriken was anywhere near as useful. Blocky's Triple Ball completely eclipses both, but then again, secret char, if thinly veiled.

HINT: check the background for the codes (no, they don't have to be pieced together).

odd though that you could easily get Blocky, yet miss Capture. something to think about, should you make another.

Try this game if you want a challenge.
Stop playing this game if you want to be mad at something.
Finish this game if you hate yourself.
Complete this game at your own peril.