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Reviews for "Snong"

Wombat reminds me of old Bullfrog. A flood of original ideas and fun concepts.

A cool idea, i enjoy it conceptually. But personally I dislike games with "objective" viewports and "subjective" controls (seen from a bird's eye view, but controlled as if looking through the eyes of the player object). It adds difficulty, yes, but the difficulty doesn't feel fun, but rather counter-intuitive and tedious. If the snake moved in the direction of they key pressed it would be more fun- for me, at least

Look these mechanical mashup style games always come with a level of difficulty that some people are just going to drop, but to me the simplicity of this really shines and gives a challenge that levels the playing field. As the Snake can do things that can really outmatch the paddle especially with the additional length.

Honestly thier just salty about how much time they spent trying to figure out the classic snake controls. or that it still says paddle wins when you get 10 points!

Do you mind if I steal this entire concept and try throwing it on an Aurdoboy? I really enjoyed comparing paddle strategy to snake's options. Especially when the unique physics glitches starting popping up, reminded me a lot of my time with FLOP a secret game in Sports Friends you can play if you put in the konami code.

StuffedWombat responds:

oh shit, i didnt know the endcard didnt switch correctly!

yeah of course you can, i do not own any of these conecpets :)
send me link if you are done, id like to see it!

thanks for the feedback!

It is a nice experiment. Originality wise good.
The controls are really frustrating and not fun right now which cuts short of the great concept.
Often the best challenge games have simple controls which are difficult to master.
What if you make the snake move in the direction of the mouse.
Otherwise keep em coming SW.

-- Sabooo

Good idea, but the fact that you're always moving makes the game way too hard.